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#1 2009-08-24 23:45:02

Registered: 1969-12-31

insider gay bashing!!!!

hello all,

just curious as to whether or not anyone out there is tired of gay bashing from within our own community. it is bad enough that we take heat from outside the community, but we treat each other like hell. yeah, here is where someone is going to say “not all of us are like that….” that is our standard response whenever someone says something about the community.

it is sad and it is not right. there are thousands of gays right now that are married to members of the opposite sex simply because they cannot find acceptance from within our community. i myself am not fully out of the closet because i REFUSE to identify myself with a group that discriminates against its own based on color, age, size, looks, etc. , yet screams diversity, and civil rights.

maybe if we actually learn to respect each others civil rights and or right to be whomever we are, we can get some of this legislation passed and find some acceptancefrom mainstream societty. but in my opinon as long as we practice seperation within the community and seperation from the mainstream, we will be nothing more than the bitter fags protrayed in the stereotypes…

please tell me i am not the only one who feels this way…

peace and blessings, all!

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#2 2009-10-11 00:43:19

Registered: 1969-12-31

Re: insider gay bashing!!!!

djsings, you are not alone…
being minority in a “box”, faces more challenges at workplace and socially… had to put up with PC straights and tight assed queens too..

Look on the lighter side… they are just ‘upperty’, naive, insensitive &/or lack of self confidence… take care…wink



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